About Us Overview

Launched in 2009, Sirona Biochem is developing programs in three major streams:

Our expertise lies within our proprietary chemistry technology.  We have developed a chemistry technique to improve the pharmaceutical qualities of carbohydrate-based molecules.

Carbohydrates, or sugar molecules, perform numerous roles in living organisms and are essential to life.  Their importance to life makes them valuable for the development of therapeutics and cosmeceuticals.

While carbohydrate-based molecules have broad application potential, they are challenging to develop.  Due to the complexity of carbohydrates, these molecules can easily break down and become toxic when exposed.

Sirona Biochem has developed a fluorination technique to maintain the integrity of carbohydrate-based molecules even after exposure to enzymes known to typically negatively affect them.  This proprietary technique has allowed Sirona Biochem to explore the immense opportunities carbohydrate-based molecules can offer.

Sirona Biochem’s development focus is centred around three high-valued programs, selected based on our research expertise in the area, market potential, development timelines and high return on investment.

Carbohydrate-based molecules have several applications such as:

We believe this chemistry method can be applied to drugs in development to improve their properties, discontinued drugs that may have been shelved for stability reasons, or for the development of new products for cosmetics and biological manufacturing.  Using our proprietary chemistry process, we feel we can maximize the commercial value of carbohydrate-based molecules.

Chemist at TFChem Laboratory working at Fume Hood

Chemist at TFChem Laboratory working at Fume Hood

Product Development

While carbohydrate-based molecules offer immense commercial potential, we are focusing on three programs at this time.