About TFChem

A Subsidiary of Sirona

TFChem has a high degree of expertise in the field of carbohydrate and fluorine chemistry. The company has developed a unique know-how which combines these two technical domains in order to create new drug-candidates based on original carbohydrate mimics. The drug-discovery activity thus builds up the core of development of the company.

TFChem uses the properties of fluorine atoms to develop new glycomimetic compounds through their GlycoMim® technology. Using this technology, TFChem has become a leader in the area of fluorinated glycosides and their application as new, more potent and safer drugs. TFChem brings a unique solution to the severe drawbacks (stability and bioavailability) usually associated with carbohydrate-based drugs and thus allows the full exploitation of their therapeutic potential and the development of new drugs.

TFChem develops and markets its GlycoMim® technology for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies through licensing and strategical partnerships by offering in its portfolio :

  •  Analogs of existing glycoconjugates.
  • Neo-glycosylation of active molecules
  • New chemical entities (NCE) fluoroglycosylated.



TFChem’s proprietary chemistry technology can be applied to the development of several major pharmaceutical domains such as cancer, diabetes, pain and inflammation and cardio-vascular diseases. In addition, our carbohydrate chemistry expertise can be used to develop cosmetic and biological ingredients.


See our CSO, Dr. Deliencourt-Godefroy, presenting at the Adaptations to the Polar Area and Biomimetism conference in France here .