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[Georgia 15/21; 1/2 Em paragraph spacing.] Sirona specializes in carbohydrate-based chemistry. We have partnered with TFChem of France to develop sodium glucose transporter (SGLT) inhibitors for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Using a proprietary chemistry technique, we aim to improve the properties of carbohydrate-based drugs to make them more commercially viable.

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Sirona Biochem’s partner TFChem has developed a chemistry molecules. Carbohydrate- based molecules offer immense potential for the development of therapeutics, cosmeceuticals and biological ingredients. But these types of molecules are link style finicky and usually unstable as they tend to break down, making them challenging to produce. A proprietary fluorination process is used to enhance the properties of these molecules.

We believe this link style method can be applied to drugs in development to improve their properties, discontinued drugs that may have been shelved for stability reasons, or for the development of new products for cosmetics and biological manufacturing.

  • Bullet style Using this proprietary chemistry process
  • We feel the commercial value of carbohydrate-based molecules can be maximized.
  • Sirona Biochem plans to apply this chemistry expertise towards the development of diabetes and obesity therapeutics, anti-aging cosmetic ingredients and biological ingredients.

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Product Development

While carbohydrate-based molecules offer immense commercial potential, we are focusing on three programs at this time.