Sirona Biochem’s SGLT2 Inhibitor in Testing for Animal Health

Vancouver, British Columbia – December 11, 2018 – Sirona Biochem Corp. (TSX-V: SBM) (FSE: ZSB) (the “Company”) announced today that testing has commenced for the SGLT2 inhibitor, TFC-039, in cats.

Several months ago, Sirona was approached by a company to test TFC-039 as a drug for treating diabetes in cats and dogs. The company requested to remain confidential.

A proof of concept study has begun to evaluate the glucosuria effect of TFC-039. This will address the simple question of whether the molecule engages with the feline receptor in a manner that would make TFC-039 a suitable drug development candidate. Results for this initial study are expected later this month.

“We are excited about the prospect of our SGLT-2 inhibitor being used in not only another market outside of China, but in other species as well,” said CEO Dr. Howard Verrico. “The upside to developing a drug for animals includes faster approval, less competition with generics and longer product life. The global pet healthcare market is projected to reach 65 billion USD by 2025. Diabetes is a common illness in pets, particularly in felines. This is attributed in part due to increasing pet ownership, increasing obesity rates, and improved rates of diagnosis. There is also a growing trend to treat the pets suffering from this illness to allow them to live near normal lifespans.”

If successful, the company’s primary focus would be to create the drug for the North American and European markets, followed by Japan and Australia. The market continues to grow, at roughly 5%. Sirona is looking forward to continuing the collaboration with this company.

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